Venus steps firmly out of her “shadow” today, so if you haven’t purchased that jewelry for your honey, now is the time.

More importantly, it may be time to have a “hard” conversation; don’t continue to dodge feelings as they come up.

There is a total lunar eclipse tomorrow; this occurs only when the Moon is full, end the Earth is in a direct line between it and the Sun. This allows the Earth’s shadow to fall on the face of the Moon.

It’s symbolism indicates that you may be reaching a threshold of what you can take. If it is not appropriate to initiate dialog, at least recognize your need to say it. Find a sympathetic ear, talk to the mirror or write it out in your journal.

If you want to watch the eclipse, it’s visible throughout North America. The eclipse officially begins on 12/21 at 12:29 am ET as the Moon enters Earth’s outer shadow. You won’t see anything until 1:33 am, when the partial phase begins and shadow swells over the face of the Moon.

The eclipse is total at 2:41 am through 3:53. It has a coppery-reddish tinge to it, increasing its beauty and wonder. The reveal show is over by 5:01 am.

I had the pleasure of watching a total lunar eclipse several years ago, but that was in balmy Florida. Since I’ll be in NY, it’s unlikely I will spend an hour watching it this time. But for those of you who do, enjoy!