VT Sky ©Cucinell 2009

Extraordinary Moments can catch us by surprise. We expect extreme highs during certain events— a wedding, a birth or the moment you realize that you are in love.

Yet often the moments that are singled out and fill a memory are not expected.

When you remember best your emotions are heavily engaged.

You may sit on a train or stop at traffic light and suddenly the moment comes back to you. These moments can keep us “forever young” because the memory is that pivotal.

Whether sweet, harsh or cataclysmic, these moments share one common ground: you can look back at that moment and know that something changed or clicked for you. Today may present one of those moments for you. Since the lightning bolt idea or unexpected moment can surprise, you may not know exactly how it plays out.

Be aware if you feel torn or shortchanged in some way. Whatever the feeling or situation, you benefit from a change in attitude. It makes all the difference, so breathe in potential and look up to the sky.