fireForecast 12/1

Communications tend to flow in the early morning; this can be powerful for writers.

It is still advisable to edit and review carefully how something is heard. This may not be possible, and sometimes it is important to let the concerns or visions surface and deal with the consequences.

This is not a time to put life on “hold”. An Aries Moon may invite confrontation, whether or not you are the agent of the instigation. Passion is stirred which can create changes and possible resistance to it.

This is a high energy time for removing blocks, if you’re willing to do what it takes.

A Mars/Saturn picture in the sky supports directed commitment, so choose your course well. Avoid power plays in the late afternoon; for example, is it really worth arguing with a security guard about checking your bag?

Spontaneity happens in the evening which can be exhilerating, startling or an upset. Allow adaptability and keep your eyes on the road.

Find a healthy outlet to blow off steam: work out, knit, dance, walk briskly, make love.

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