Mardi-Gras_beadForecast 2/17 

Mardi Gras is the day before the Pisces New Moon.

This is the Dark of Moon, when the energy is fecund. Recycle ideas that have lost their glow and complete tasks that you don’t want to carry into the next Lunar Cycle. More about the Dark of Moon

Today’s Aquarius Moon stimulates inspiration, so even though you may finish up thoughts, the new beginnings race ahead.

Whether or not you make a habit of celebrating Fat Tuesday, an invitation to enjoy the festivities tonight brings lively conversation and inspiration. You may have more than one offer, or juggle a couple of activities for the evening; do what works for your energy level.

Although traditional wisdom discourages initiating projects at this time, the cork may pop because the momentum is that strong. Be prepared to run with it.

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