Fear vs Love

I get a lot of notes from people asking what is ahead. Many people feel out of control and question when this upset is going to end.

The problem with our society is more dimensional than a simple “reboot” to go back to a more “normal” existence.

What exactly would that normal existence be?

How exactly would America, Europe and the rest of the world look?

People tell me how exhausted they are. They work, volunteer, take care of familial responsibilities, and have flung themselves into social activism, perhaps for the first time. In the action year of 2017, there is no slowing down. There are two eclipses this month and they will trigger more movement.

We live in a period that demands more action from those healthy and strong enough to do it. Not everyone has the energy for this nor the voice.

You may have to get used to the faster track. Eat right, drink water and walk in nature. Appreciate nature – let her revive you. Ideally once a day, but certainly as often as you can in a week. Put it on your calendar if necessary. Do not shortchange yourself this vital connection to Life.

This Change before us, is up to us – each individual. Collectively we create the world in which we live. I understand this conceptually, astrologically and spiritually, but I admit, the situation seems impossible at times. That’s when I know I need to take a walk, swim, clear my head. The true answers will never come from the brain — the answers come from the heart.

How can we create peace, equality and justice for all living creatures when so much power seems to want things another way?

When Fear rises, the counterbalance is Love. No one said this is easy. Yet with practice it becomes more so. Next time worry, concern, anxiety enters your head, breathe into your chest and think of someone or something you love.

Breathe into the gift of that love. Breathe out the conviction that more love exists in the world than fear. That’s another reason to walk in nature, to feel the love of things that grow and live in an interdependent web.

With every breath of love, we expand its promise.