february 2014 astrologyFebruary Action:

Jupiter is still retrograde through early March 2014: careful with new ventures. This depends on the project and your own natal horoscope (check with your astrologer!) Jupiter is the planet that symbolizes good fortune, luck and expansion. Retrograde Jupiter can indicate inhibitions or stalled opportunities. Yet it’s a great time to gather and integrate knowledge.
Mercury goes retrograde from February 6 through February 28. When the trickster planet is dancing backwards, you need to double-check appointments, your email and transit. It’s best to avoid signing contracts, not because of potential theft but because you may be missing some information. Avoid hiring or starting a job at this time if you want it to stick.
Electrical devices and technology can get wacked at this time and although it’s not advisable to buy a replacement, sometimes you have no choice. Ideally get something you can return if need be. Mercury retrograde is an ideal time to strengthen your meditation practice, edit, go over contracts, research, review and reflect.
If you must travel, give yourself plenty of time for connections. Keep your sense of humor!

More about Mercury…
Moon VOC (void of course) Defined
We still experience long VOC (void-of-course) days. This is when the moon no longer makes any geometric aspect to another planet until she leaves that sign.
Since the moon has to do with emotions/moods, when she’s VOC, people don’t have an emotional attachment to the outcome of a project or purchase. That’s why it is not recommended to sign a contract, buy anything of value, schedule an important meeting or start a new project during the VOC.
HOWEVER, if the VOC moon touches a significant point in your PERSONAL horoscope, this could be a game changer. This is a karmic moment, which means you could be in a position to make a decision or start something that has a destined purpose. This is why it does matter to have dates checked by a professional if something important is at stake, unless you can make this calculation yourself.
Prolonged VOCs occur when all the outer planets are in low degrees of a sign. There is always a positive way to use the VOC energy but you can’t force it. Avoid shopping unless you know what you’re going to purchase ahead of time- however, it is common to find it out of stock.