What's Up? ©Cucinell

What’s Up? ©Cucinell

February Action- all times ET: 

Chinese New Year occurs on February 19 in 2015. This is the year of the Sheep, which some call the Goat. In China, many families avoid a child’s birth in a Sheep year, because of the mythology that s/he will be a follower rather than a leader.

This reminds me of when I initially studied astrology. I attended a wonderful weekly group at Eileen McCabe’s in NYC where we studied one another’s horoscopes. One woman, pregnant with her second child was determined NOT to give birth to a Scorpio. She planned her C-section intentionally for when the Sun had entered Sagittarius. I was horrified at this form of selective harvesting, which smacked of prejudice.

Many people have aversions to certain signs based on historic relationships or simple aversion to qualities with which they are not comfortable. Nonetheless, to deliberately take the “magic” out of the Soul’s entry into the world struck me as controlling. The baby came early: a Scorpio. The mother no longer came to class, but we all got a great lesson in the futility of attempting to control a Scorpio.

So why would parents avert a birth of a Sheep? Sheep are known to be family-oriented, strivers within their realm and a gentle influence. They are careful with whom they trust because they choose people for longevity, not passing interest. They tend to value quality and comfort and thrive in routines of their own making. They are peacemakers.

Yet a popular Chinese folk saying is ’’Only one out of ten people born in a year of the Goat finds happiness”. Since the Chinese also have a preference for boy babies, we see how that preference has backfired. With a serious lack of educated females in their country, the women have their pick of the available men. Women from other Asian countries are courted to come and marry Chinese men who long for a mate. Unfortunately, stories of women being kidnapped to marry men in the Chinese countryside also appears in the news.

Clearly, upsetting the natural order of things is not a good idea. There is a bio-logic as to how many boys and girls are born in a population. There is a bio-logic as to how many Sheep are born in a population… and how many Scorpios! When we contrive to manipulate the natural order of things, we may be shortsighted.

Yet 2015 is an “8” year in numerology: 2+0+1+5= 8. An “8 year” encourages money growth when supported with the right use of power. You might implement a slow start to an enterprise in the first few months of the year. In general, it is not advisable to start a business with Jupiter retrograde; there are exceptions, so consult your astrologer, contact me for a session or ask me a question on Facebook.

Mercury is Retrograde through February 11, 2015 when it goes direct at 9:57 a.m. ET. More about Mercury Retrograde
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More videos are coming. Please let me know what you think or what topic you’d like to see.

The Leo Full Moon occurs on February 3 at 6:09 p.m. ET  The second Aquarius New Moon of 2015 occurs on February 18 at 6:47 p.m. ET.  Read more on the dailies for the details of these Moons.

Jupiter retrograde continues, which often symbolizes a tendency to curtail speculation and risk. Although holiday sales were reported to be up in 2014, the latest report shows the overall trend for December spending was down. See Wall St Journal

With Jupiter in Leo, the tendency to invest in things of intrinsic value, as well as clothes that emulate a bit of class or glamour seems to have trumped reticence to spend. Perhaps it’s time to give a sense of wealth to the nest. What can you gift yourself that increases your inner sense of opulence?

Jupiter is the planet symbolizing good fortune, opportunity and openness, so when retrograde, these tendencies contract. It does not mean luck is unavailable, it simply means you must go inward to access it. Terrific time to study and ramp up the learning. This is why people tend to research to see if something is a good buy, rather than impulsively purchase.

A lot of people worry about Jupiter Retrograde as a time when people may be tight-fisted; this is not necessarily true but they do require thoughtful reasons to invest rather than impulse purchasing.

Moon VOC (void of course) Defined:
We still experience long VOC (void-of-course) days. This is when the moon no longer makes any geometric aspect to another planet until she leaves that sign.
Since the moon has to do with emotions/moods, when she’s VOC, people don’t have an emotional attachment to the outcome of a project or purchase. That’s why it is not recommended to sign a contract, buy anything of value, schedule an important meeting or start a new project during the VOC.
HOWEVER, if the VOC moon touches a significant point in your PERSONAL horoscope, this could be a game changer. This is a karmic moment, which means you could be in a position to make a decision or start something that has a destined purpose. This is why it does matter to have dates checked by a professional if something important is at stake, unless you can make this calculation yourself. 
Prolonged VOCs occur when all the outer planets are in low degrees of a sign. There is always a positive way to use the VOC energy but you can’t force it. Avoid shopping unless you know what you’re going to purchase ahead of time- however, it is common to find it out of stock.
All times are for Eastern Time ET
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