cross_country_skiForecast 1/26

The Sagittarius Moon sets a mood for action in a big way, and this is a particularly strong day for it.

Too bad for the footballers that it’s not Superbowl Sunday, because this would be a day to be pumped. They’re probably out there excited about it and that’s the kind of energy that abounds.

Fiery, impulsive and loud- if this is your favorite way to be, enjoy! If you’re more retiring by nature, you may still feel the zest to explore or do something exuberant.

This is highly creative energy that bodes well for initiating projects, especially anything in communications or on-line. You may spend the day with a lot of “chat” but be sure to move, because fire does not like to be contained.

An outdoor sport can be great fun, especially one that allows conversation. ©Cucinell 2014- all rights reserved

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