gardeningForecast 5/17

The moon enters Capricorn at 4:12 a.m. ET. In spite of some bumps along the way, this is an excellent weekend to forge business relationships and make long-term decisions.

Mars goes direct on Monday, so you may feel as though you sit on a revving motorcycle. It is not yet time to burst out, but you can feel the power gather.

Those who take the time to plan a calculated strategy, reap the greatest rewards. This doesn’t necessarily require the painstaking thoroughness of a master architect, but it does benefit from conscious intentions. Map out precisely what you want to make happen, both from your own orchestration and what you attract.

Spiritual refreshment is of great benefit; a walk in nature in the late afternoon presents a new spin. Tempers may be short in the early evening so exercise helps. A tete-a-tete with your lover can release a great deal of tension and feel fabulous.

If there’s no one in your life right now, move your energy constructively: garden, chop wood, jump on a rebounder or dance. Whatever you do physically, let it be something that is within your capabilities. The Capricorn energy supports disciplined exercise and the satisfaction of its execution.

If you do experience an eruption of anger, give consideration as to the root of the complaint. Anything that comes to the surface at this time has a history that is worth the revelation, however challenging.

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