whale leapForecast 6/12

You may have energy to spare this morning; enjoy your morning workout. If a.m. exercise is not yourroutine, enjoy the buzz of desire that kickstarts any project or trip. Be aware that caffeine makes more impact than usual.

Inspiration is for the taking today for those who keep their eyes open. Errors in diplomacy and/or misunderstandings occur, especially in the afternoon when one’s needs do not jive with another’s wishes. Sometimes a choice satisfies part of the issue but does not answer the whole piece. Even if reconciliation is not possible, it is important to recognize the part that is still longing.

At the eve of the Full Moon we can when more work needs to be done and acknowledge where we still need to focus. It may not be anything we can address at this time, but we do need to give a nod to what needs work.

A looming Venus/Saturn picture in the sky indicates that wherever one experiences lack may feel particularly acute, so it is important to see what may mitigate or soothe that.

All work and no play does make Jack a dull boy, so be sure to have an activity planned to take advantage of tonight’s almost Full Moon. In Sagittarius, the moon begs to shine over an evening of travel, seeking and a yearning for wisdom. Conversations in a language other than your first, restaurants with exotic food, a bid for justice or an exploration into religious questions are all ways to stretch the brain and inspire passion.

Or you may prefer to hike in Earth’s own cathedral or escape into a foreign film. In what way will you take your spirit on a trip tonight?

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