They always travel in pairs and sometimes there’s a triangulation… 3 eclipses in a row. Triangles always increase the drama. That’s one of the things this summer of 2018 has for us. Since Mars the planet that symbolizes movement is retrograde, we may feel like it’s all “hurry up and wait”.

The first eclipse occurred on July 12 at 20° Cancer 41″. That was the New Moon Solar Eclipse and the news exploded with the results from President Trump’s visit with NATO. Eclipses are a natural phenomenon, yet when they occur they mirror striking events on Earth — certain things accelerate. Revelations, shocks and sometimes upsets occur. They may be subtle or big, but this year everything seems to have greater impact.

This eclipse is part of a Saros series that repeats every 18-19 years. It’s theme brings unfortunate news which concern relationships. Potential of separation or the ending of a union is stimulated with this eclipse. This realization might unsettle anyone who thinks the NATO alliance is a good thing. Yet even though the eclipse brings tension, the end results can be quite positive — what matters is the actions that are taken.

More news of that day was the Emmett Till murder case has been opened due to new information. To read the opinions of the men who admitted murdering Till and the fact that they were never charged, is an outrage and travesty of justice. His murder was a lightning rod of racial inequality and how some lives simply are not valued. Although this was over 60 years ago, it is an incident like too many others in the US, where injustice is overlooked. The US does not like to see itself as anything other than righteous. The fact the case was reopened on the eclipse bodes well for eventual justice.

On this eclipse, a man harassed a woman wearing a Puerto Rican flag shirt in a park and the policeman she asked to intervene ignored the incident. The harasser did not realize the PR is part of the USA and has been charged with a hate crime. The officer subsequently resigned. This is another revelation of the ignorance too many US citizens have about their own geography and history. Meanwhile, parts of Puerto Rico STILL are without electricity after the hurricane.

As I write this, we approach the 2nd eclipse, the Aquarius Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse at 4° 45″. This is a Blood Moon, meaning it will appear red; it is also the longest eclipse of the century, it will last 1 hour 43 minutes. The planet Mars is conjunct the Moon and therefore, also with the Earth. This is an extremely volatile configuration. To add to the tension, the planet Uranus makes a 90° angle (a square) to the eclipse. The eclipse is exact at 4:20 PM ET, so this is not a day for fast moves or careless action. Pay attention! Eclipses provide insight to those who observe and reflect.

Since the energy of this eclipse chafes and can give one an expanded sense of power, it’s critical to respect what is presented to you. Investments, both financial and emotional benefit from accountability. Mercury is retrograde and communication lacks clarity. Take your time. Those who don’t consider their words and listen well will feel the boomerang effects of poor reception. Spiritual connection and commitment soothes the soul and integrates your right desires with self-expression.

Watch the news for what comes up on July 27/28. Some events will have long-term impact.

August 11 at 5:58 AM ET is the final eclipse for 2018. This is the Leo New Moon / Solar Eclipse. The degree of the eclipse is 18° Leo 41″.

The theme for this eclipse is the sudden collapse of plans. Confusion leads in time to rebuilding and transformation. If this eclipse effects an individual, there’s a change in direction because something shifted. The same is true for a country or business.

The last time these Saros series eclipses occurred was 2000. Looking at the themes of relationships and changes in directions due to an ending, these events stand out: Vladimir Putin elected as Russia’s president. Elian Gonzalez returned to his father in Cuba through emotional legislative battles. George W. Bush won the presidency after a controversial ballot count in FL.

The reasons eclipse seasons are so intense these past couple of years include other planetary configurations that signal change, and the fact that the current US president was born on an eclipse. Since Donald Trump’s horoscope is always triggered by an eclipse, regardless of its degree, it magnifies impact because of his power position.

Another prominent person born on an eclipse who has presented the world with more subtle change is Prince William. I suspect now that Uranus is in Taurus, his grandmother will turn the throne over to Charles, perhaps soon after this eclipse season.

As we find ourselves in a summer of change, what direction will we take? Directions chosen at this time have a long reach. These eclipses set the mood for autumn and beyond. If you don’t want to be eclipsed, then look to the light. A Lunar Eclipse reminds us that in order to truly evaluate the light, we have to be willing to walk in the darkness and see what is there.

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