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Yesterday’s creative play may lead to more focused application.

Sometimes a hobby spawns an advocation; Joshua David and Robert Hammond were two fit guys who used to climb up to the deserted West Side El to get a higher perspective of the NYC streets.

They founded Friends of the High Line, a nonprofit dedicated to repurposing the train tracks for public use.

Today their hobby blossomed into a public park that attracts 6 million + visitors a year. Although neighborhood people might wish the pedestrian traffic was less, there are still times of day or night where one can enjoy a relatively quiet experience.

Not everyone is poised to create a “High Line”. Nonetheless, take notice of where your heart sings and where it falls flat.

Does something feel insurmountable or is it simply a secret garden you alone nurture?

Sometimes the private place is enough, but if you want to open its gates and let someone else in, it might be time to entertain the possibility. You don’t have to imagine the “how”.

high lineThe Friends of the High Line had no idea how high their desire would soar when they created their nonprofit.

You might begin by writing down the wish or goal. Put it somewhere that you can see it a few times a day and when you do think “a small step”.

Small steps eventually travel a distance. By all means, plan to put it on your New Moon list this weekend.

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