FIGURE SKATING/Forecast 1/22

Start the day with Kundalini breathwork and you’ve put the engine of fire in your own pocket. If this is not possible, be wary of any potential arguments around you, even within yourself.

You want to harness this energy and not be run roughshod by it. If it comes at you through someone else or your own impatience, go back to your breath. It’s physical law: you cannot stay angry when you slow down your breath. This is how you get control of your inner fire.

Don’t shy away from important meetings or potential clients. Keep hyper-alert and listen more than you speak. The Libra Moon skates through some bumps, but this is a contest that can be won.

The volatile energy passes in the early afternoon, after which time you can right any complaints or mishaps. This is especially effective if you were able to keep perspective in the rough waters.

Excellent overall day for tackling problems, navigating negotiations and balancing power. Reward yourself in the evening with good companions and pleasurable activities. ©Cucinell 2014 – all rights reserved

The moon is void-of-course voc* at 10:50 p.m. ET. *Moon VOC/Void-of-Course… in Libra, enjoy a museum, music, dance. It may be lovely to be with someone you love as long as you don’t initiate any major discussions.