14-temperanceFire Up

As our initial source of warmth and cooking, fire attracted human beings.

Yet when unconfined, fire is dangerous and even lethal. You may be totally comfortable in the heat of passion and pumped when adrenaline jolts.

Or perhaps the flare of an impulse may throw you into immediate suppression. When an ignition trigger is highly sensitive, neither instant reaction may be to your best benefit.

You do want to move, but when action is coupled with perspective it brings better results.

The Temperance card in Tarot is often depicted by an angel or goddess pouring one cup into another. The quick interpretation is: patience, but that’s just the surface. Depending on the image, the angel either looks at the cups or seems almost meditative. Regardless, the pourer is focused. One foot is usually in the water (signifying the emotional realm) and the other on land (the material).

When you receive an emotional rush, it can be intoxicating, exciting and demand an immediate response.

Yet when you can temper your reaction to it, you gain control and have a greater ability to actualize the inspiration.

Surely the act of pouring one glass into the other would be easier with both feet on the ground, yet awareness of the emotional temperature aids in any tendency to be sideswiped when it flares up.

Be aware of the charge in the room and the strong desires at play, but an eye on the task at hand brings the most satisfying results. Use passion to fuel you but not to upset your balance.