game_carpenter_collection1910-1920Forecast 8/25 

The moon enters the sign of Capricorn at 12:22 AM ET.

This is a highly productive day for those who are willing to do the work. A plan of action or to do list is highly effective; start your day with one.

Connections to the right people can occur when you open your heart to loving and compassionate relationships- yes, that’s true even in business!

Anger spurts or aggressiveness may occur in the early evening. this is a great time to release pent-up energy through exercise: hike, bike or toss a ball.

You or someone close to you, may be obsessed or focused on one particular point. This can be helpful to plan an agenda or achieve a goal. Be aware however, that this may also prevent a spectrum of options.

It may be limiting to lock in to one method to produce an outcome. Instead of burning past midnight, it may be better to sleep on it.

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