Wednesday 12/2
The Full Moon occurs at 10 Gemini at 2:30 AM ET, so you may sleep through it. You may have been left with restless dreams or a jumble of images. If you take the time to delve deeper into thoughts that interest you, there may be more there than a fleeting memory. It’s not just about dreams, so don’t worry if you don’t remember them. Any impressions that stay with you and coax some thought, can take you further than you presently know.

Iraq embassyThis Full Moon heralds the ability to bring profound lessons to those open to learn. You might want to reflect on your own learning process and your day-to-day relationships. How clearly do you communicate?

Be aware of a strong desire to get a message across but a tendency to miss the delivery. Watch for unexpected SNAFUs. Take the time to hone the message or focus on your intention. Avoid the trap of careless communication with those closest to you.

This is a terrific day for writing and/or brainstorming, even though it will require editing later. Let the inspiration fly but don’t get bogged down in the details.

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