1/30/2010 If you are awake at 1:18 am ET, the Full Moon is exact at 10°Leo15′. This Full Moon in Leo owes its brightness to the Sun in Aquarius (as all full moons gain their light from the opposite sign). All opposites attract in the zodiacal wheel, some with more magnetism than others.

The polarity of Leo and Aquarius is particularly arresting. Because they are “fixed” signs, they hold their energy with stubborn conviction. They are dynamic and proud. This is a flamenco dance of frozen drama, with one partner draped over the other who remains seemingly unmoved.

I’m painting a compelling picture, but what does this mean in your everyday life? Look at where you might have a particular passion or need for creative play. Is it getting the attention it deserves? Or do you slight it because you believe it takes away from more lofty or pressing concerns? Full Moons are about integration through balancing the importance of each factor in the whole.

You can bend more into your passion, if you find a way to validate its purpose. The Leo warms the Aquarian’s mission. The Aquarian can get so caught up in the cause that they lose sight of the human connection. Because of the Mars retrograde, there may be a particular rumble to allow the Leo full expression. Leo is the sign of the child; if you’re feeling a bit cut off from your “inner child”, this is definitely a moon to play under the light of.