Gemini Full Moon 2016 —

A Full Moon mirrors: what calls your attention at this time?

When the Moon is directly opposite the Sun, we confront oppositions. Because of the slow-moving outer planets, the challenges in our world have become stark, backlit and charged with rallying cries of “us against them”!

As a result, this Gemini Full Moon may seem to gather more tipping point energy than usual.

The USA has a president-elect born at a Full Moon eclipse. Whatever you think of him, Donald Trump creates the perfect storm for change.

Either of the two primary candidates would have brought more overt division throughout the States, but Trump’s win may encourage righteous force. This stirs great dissent.

With Pluto in Capricorn, our global economy is up for evaluation; this will continue throughout the next presidency.

The last time this happened, the British colonies of North America went through revolution to form the USA. How extreme this becomes has everything to do with the ability of the American people to band together and be heard.

Although the internet (communication = Gemini) supports community, it works for ALL camps. If the government/legal body (Sagittarius) decides to shut down availability of access, this can radically change the picture.

To discern the difference between journalism and fake news, requires readers who are willing to make sure the information is verifiable. The Sagittarius Sun (legal, world matters, higher education) lights up the Gemini Moon (gossip, information, tweets). The ability to get to the truth is available, but one has to value this.

It behooves the media to revamp its presentations so that the public is well-informed, not simply triggered by whatever seems hot.

Aside from the world arena, a Full Moon is a culmination or integration of the events that led up to it. How directly you’re affected by it has to do with the area of life in which it falls in your horoscope and if it touches any personal points.

For instance, this particular year the Full Moon lights on the USA Mars (which is also where the Sun was when Donald Trump was born). Mars symbolizes desire, passion and aggression.

Since Mars rose over the horizon when DJT was born, he thrives on its energy. If he’s not in the center of the discussion, he’ll stir things up to direct the focus on him. He needs to feel relevant.

I wonder if the phrase “Love Trumps Hate” was really effective for the Clinton campaign. “Trump” was used as a verb, which is the greatest action in a sentence. People in both camps claimed that phrase; there were Trump supporters who thought it was for them.

A friend angrily reported that his plumber thought “Love Trumps Hate” was for the Trump campaign. My friend thought it pointed to lack of awareness. Yet someone who voted for Trump, saw him as the Love candidate.

Regardless of how you feel about this, it drives home that not every Trump supporter is racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. The Full Moon sheds light on stark differences which we have an opportunity to integrate. The Moon would fly into outer space without the Earth’s gravitational pull. Life on Earth would suffer from inconstant tides without our Moon.

In short, we need one another. Instead of keeping to our separate camps (which weaken our strength as a people) we need to work the muscle of what connects us.

In the USA horoscope, Mars indicates our assertive thrust on the world stage. At this Full Moon, expect another flashpoint to erupt around Trump. Since the Full Moon falls between his 10th house (career/world stage) and his 4th (family/real estate) this foreshadows the expected announcement of how he will handle his presidency and family business. He has already announced a delay in revealing the details of how he will step away from his business attachments.

Trump aside, the Gemini Full Moon means that the curious need for information can be infused with wisdom. This works best when you can take responsibility for what you seek; sometimes we stumble on something but cannot commit to the work of it.

If the idea triggers something within you however, leave open the possibility. An opportunity or inspiration may present itself if the timing is right. The Gemini Full Moon is exact at 7:05 PM ET; get in moonlight!

Even if it’s overcast, the moonshine is there. The Sabian Symbol for the Gemini Moon at 22°26” is “Three fledglings in a nest high in a tree”.

I don’t mean to keep the symbolism on Trump, but it is interesting that 3 of his children are deeply involved in his business.

They are not fledglings, but they are high on the corporate ladder.

Taking the symbol away from the presidency, reflect on what ideas you may have harbored. Are any of them at a point where a gentle nudge could get one to soar? The number 3 is creative and pushes for growth. Take stock on what in your life may deserve some encouragement, especially the kind that comes from trusting a risk.

New Australian citizens

The Sabian Symbol for the Sagittarius Sun is “A Group Of Immigrants As They Fulfill The Requirements Of Entrance Into The New Country”.

Even though I expect synchronicity, I’m a bit astounded that “immigrants” come up with this particular Full Moon, which sits right on Donald Trump’s natal full moon. He is a Gemini, so its the reverse for him (with the moon in Sagittarius).

It almost seems as though a bright light gets shown on his family, past and history. Because his businesses span the globe, we are not done with the news about his holdings, history and allegiances. In spite of my attempt to not make him the focus of this blog, today he keeps popping up.

These days all the news seems to be about DJT and today won’t be different, it just might be magnified (HUGE!)

The Sabian Symbol is a positive one about immigration, when working within the system. The symbol reminds us not to cut corners, as tempting as that might be. A respect for the rules brings justice and potential.

This Full Moon stimulates enthusiasm, passion and action but the goal is best achieved through due diligence; anything less needs to be addressed before success is attained.