On December 3, 2017 at 10:47 AM ET, the moon peaks full in Gemini. This happens shortly after Mercury Retrograde occurs. Neptune’s position intensifies the possibilities for confusion and obfuscated facts.

An ideal Gemini Full Moon infuses wisdom with information.

Since Saturn (symbolizes limits, discipline) is conjunct that Mercury Retrograde, there’s a stop on the flow of communications.This can aid editing and diplomacy, but the picture seems more punitive and restrictive than accommodating.

Because this is not an “easy” chart, the best advice is to read the directions before you start the device, study the contract before you sign it and question what you are told or read.

Wisdom is a slow chew not a quick draw. Those who jump to conclusions fall short of the mark.

You can deepen into relationship understanding. It requires the ability to listen and parrot back what you think you heard.

Full Moons don’t signify completion of a task, although that may be a piece of it. They are more about integrating polar opposites. In this case it’s best to push aside what you think you know and lay all the information on the table. Don’t forget to look to see what’s under the table.

Then step away and let it ruminate. When you come back, the cat may have knocked everything off the table. This metaphor hopes to lead you to relax and tap into what matters most to express.

When you get there, you’ve found your full moon glow.

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