Uranus goes direct at 2:05 a.m. ET. Depending on your sensitivity to the planet that symbolizes: “great awakening”, you may have a restless sleep.

Use breath exercises to relax back and/or keep a notebook to jot down whatever feels important, so you can go back to sleep. When Uranus is in direct motion, sudden impulses or surprises are more apt to motivate action. Lights may literally pop on or light bulbs short out.

The Gemini Full moon occurs at 9:36 a.m. ET and is also a Lunar Eclipse. The degree is 18 Gemini 11″. The Sabian symbol for the Moon is “A large archaic volume” and for the Sun is “Pelicans moving their habitat”.

This brings to mind a cluster of images, such as outmoded rules of government or education pitted against a sea bird’s instinct for survival. Pelicans were some of the many birds coated with oil from the Gulf disaster and they are dependent on a vibrant fish population for their existence.

Since the other heavenly bodies directly engaged in the eclipse are Ceres & Mars, it’s likely “food” as a commodity comes under scrutiny, not just within government, but for how it’s handled in your neighborhood. One man’s vegetable garden becomes another man’s eyesore.

Musing further about an archaic volume, might indicate ancient wisdom or texts that are forgotten in lieu of our own primal instinct for survival. If humans don’t use heads and hearts as well as instincts, the prognosis is not favorable.

Eclipses tend to be volatile energy, not necessarily bad, but a bit hard to harness, depending what else is happening. In this case, you may have a great deal of focus for communication and contracts, especially anything that involves siblings or neighbors.

Eclipses can open a doorway of insight, but you may need some time to unravel its true meaning. Gemini is linked to the planet Mercury, and Uranus is said to be the “higher octave” of Mercury… because it shows genius, and words without insight or just words. But genius can be mercurial, and unbridled, so when suddenly unleashed into direct movement, the revelations can be graceless at best and sometimes vicious in their intensity.

Because of the Uranus movement, energy is a bit erratic, so do your best to keep present, especially when you’re in movement. When people are too much in their head and not paying attention to their bodies, accidents can happen.

<i>Sedna- Inuit</i>

On the other hand, the Sabian symbol for the degree of the Uranus Direct at 1° Aries is: “A woman rises out of water, a seal rises and embraces her” I actually initially read the wrong Sabian symbol and was working with that, but this one has even more power and weight, especially in lieu of the Eclipse. A message is coming through today; it may be subtle or it may pack a wallop, but it will shake you to attention if only for a moment.

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