New Moons offer new beginnings; a time to plant seeds and throw out the net for new ideas, fresh starts. When an eclipse emphasizes that energy, there is a volatile component to it, not necessarily violent, but certainly unpredictable. It is helpful therefore, to be clear on where you’d like the initiating opportunities to go; otherwise someone may grab the ball and run in an unexpected direction.

A New Moon, Solar Eclipse occurs today at 11° Gemini 2”and occurs at 5:03 pm ET. “A topsy saucily asserting herself” is the Sabian symbol for this degree.

This is a startling image, partly because it conjures a slave girl from “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, a book many people today have not read but only know by reputation. Also, to call a person: a topsy, is not a flattering noun; it tends to objectivize the person, not humanize her.

The quote definitely dates the channeling, which came through in 1925. It is highly unlikely, were it channeled today, that Elsie Wheeler would tag: “a topsy” or even the adverb “saucily” to a dark-skinned child asserting herself. But that was the image she saw (or heard) and the way she expressed it. Yet the interpretation remains the same. A young girl who is not free, but has no qualms about stating her truth. She does this in a way that although impertinent, is engaging.

So what is the lesson of this New Moon? A Gemini New Moon is always about youthful mental energy that is curious. It is not influenced by prejudice but by a thirst to know “what’s new?”
On the world stage, this eclipse indicates the potential for an emotional bridge between the status quo and the fledgling forces of change. I use the word “emotional” because when a thought is communicated that also touches us, it has a greater ability to connect. The key is to transfer an emotion that invites a bond and not one that triggers a defensive posture. It is possible that a book, revelation, concept or fresh point of view released over the coming weeks can provide further healing for the U.S. history of slavery and/or the suppression of its indigenous people. This may also magnify awareness of female victimization, indicated by what’s going on as a result of the Strauss-Kahn attack on a hotel maid.

For an individual, if you’ve been feeling stuck in the area of ideas, use this time to awaken that fresh innocence that slumbers within you. Wherever Gemini is in your horoscope, indicates where the light of awareness can flash.

Think in terms of where you feel limited or beholden. Where you might even feel somewhat incarcerated. To turn a leaden situation, it is essential to view whatever may be playful in it. Many people feel trapped in a job and unable to break free of it because of the present economy. Nonetheless, there may be opportunities you haven’t recognized. To assert oneself when coupled with an ability and willingness to take on responsibility can be very desirable to an employer. You may not need to be saucy, but you may need to stand up for your beliefs. Delivering a message with humor and vivacity can bring fortuitous results.

It is best not to start a new endeavor on the eclipse, but if you get a flash of insight, stoke it for the next few days and see where it leads you.

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