Tuileries — Pissarro

At 2° Gemini 4”, the New Moon strikes on May 22, 2020 at 1:39 PM ET. 

The Sabian Symbol is “The Garden of the Tuileries In Paris”. This image conjures a solitary walk, tête-à-tête or a family outing while enjoying the park under a wide sky. But at this time, passerby can only see the garden through the fence, void of interaction. 

Gemini wants to converse, flirt, exchange gossip, share tips, troll information and check out the neighborhood. The natural spontaneity of Gemini is on hold. An idyllic picture of the Tuileries contrasts with the “reality” of May 2020.

The Moon is engaged with Mars (symbolizes action, desire) and Ceres in hard aspect. This indicates friction and frustration as people feel their needs are not met. The symbolism of Ceres runs the spectrum from deprivation to bounty. When Ceres is well-aspected, we feel fed and supported. Ceres connects us to the whole, and awareness of the interdependent web. With challenging aspects or transits, Ceres can indicate loss, grief or restrictive bonds.

Due to COVID-19, many people feel cut off from what nurtures them: their job, neighborhood haunts, options to be with friends/family. Lack of funds put people in danger of starvation — ramifications of the market disruption on the food chain may become even more apparent over the next few weeks.

Depending on its position/sign, Ceres speaks about survival, attachment and the roles in relationship. In alignment with Pisces Mars, it suggests that certain assumptions or longings may need to be expressed and perhaps put to rest. Young adults who have come home because of “shelter in place” will champ at the bit. 

Be wary of argument potential on May 22. The Mars square indicates a slow boil that can lead to passive aggression or more. People bump up against one another and have fuzzy boundaries. Delivery can go to the wrong door or a text to the wrong recipient. 

The “mask or no” friction could easily incite some scuffle. Whichever camp you’re in, be prepare to soften exchange that could escalate.   

Venus Retrograde conjunct Mercury in Gemini speaks to the value of conversation. This New Moon, even with its challenges, encourages communication. We need to re-consider what we value and discern if some things are worth the investment. It’s beneficial to push against familiar roles within families, friends, living and work relationships because we can redefine roles at this time. With a Neptune square, truth may be illusive but on the other hand, one can massage discussions that usually won’t budge.

The Gemini stellium (4+ planets) urges new ways to relate and re-visit past relationships. Listen well. This New Moon is in the 9th House set for Washington DC. Travel, trade, religious expression and justice continue to be focus points. With Neptune in the 7th, we can expect secret conversations with allies and enemies, intrigue and confusion.

The ideal is to cut through the veil and arrive at fresh perspective and new ideas. This is possible, but contingent on the players. If this vision seems inconceivable to you, reflect on the image of the Garden of the Tuileries in full bloom enjoyed by visitors from all over the world. New Moons carry our intentions, hopes and wishes.

You want to clear your mind of negative impressions and focus on joy. A meditative exercise is to imagine people smile, observe and acknowledge one another even though their language, dress and ideals may be very different. Regardless of background and culture, most people appreciate nature and the grace of architectural form in one of the world’s most beautiful cites. What unites people its always bigger than what separates.

The North Node has entered Gemini at 29°. We leave the lessons learned from the intense passage of the nodes through the Cancer/ Capricorn axis, which presented us with the need for family-home in contrast with the magnetic pull of work and career. The dramatic manifestation of the COVID-19 pandemic forced many people to stay home. Some realized that their home was not the safe harbor they deserved. Others found ways to relate with greater depth with their family. Some could not get home. Whatever the scenario, we were presented with a new perspective of what home means. 

The Gemini North Node will encourage curiosity. I’ll write about this again, but for this New Moon, consider how you would connect with more conversation and relationship with your neighborhood when it opens up? 

Use this Gemini New Moon to consider what role you are willing to take on. You may decide  to retreat more and develop a new routine. You may find a need to talk out your feelings, express grief or anger, admit to confusion about your fast held ideals — these conversations erupt either in dialogue, journals of self-exploration. The beauty of this New Moon is whatever roller-coaster of thoughts comes up over the next couple of days can lead to clarity. 

Write down what you want to make happen. Writing makes it more real to you than just thoughts in your head.

As the moon waxes over the next week, you can find ways to express whatever role you’ve decided to project. We are all in a process of new definitions. It may have to do with your work, your role within family and/or community as well as how you see yourself.

The key to adjusting to whatever this New Moon reveals to you is to ride with the feelings and don’t back away from any communication that needs to be expressed.

The pandemic is a symptom that belies the transformation ahead of us. Every New Moon gives us an opportunity to ask more of ourselves. Each one of us has power to create a better world and every lunar cycle we get to remind ourselves of that. Some of my thoughts on simple acts that have exponential impact…

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