©Cucinell 2013

©Cucinell 2013

Forecast 9/17

Morning can bring an unexpected blow-up, or rather an undercurrent that unseats you.

If you’re peripheral to this, you might offer support when appropriate. If you find yourself in the thick of it, self-control comes from an awareness of your emotional reactions.

Keep perspective to be sure what you’re feeling at this time is relevant to the situation at hand. There are terrific opportunities to connect with helpful people when you don’t get caught in an emotional undertow.

The Cancer Moon encourages connections that feel familiar and offer a sense of continuity. However, today there is a longing to test the parameters and entertain unique experiences.

Later in the day try something new for you; experiment with color, tastes or an activity that stretches you. This can be quite conscious, or you may simply find yourself in a conversation or situation that tests your comfort zones.

This is not about doing something reckless, but about opening your mind. A Venus/Uranus picture in the evening indicates unexpected encounters or revelations.

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