Get in Touch

Invite passionate conversations. Who can you be with who allows your bright spirit its voice?

If you’re still holiday shopping, keep a lightness about you. Holidays bubble when everyone around you is upbeat and fun, but that’s not the way it goes every year in a lifetime.

The holidays chafe when someone has financial stress or mourns a loss. After you’ve lived awhile, there’s always someone missing at the table or whose card didn’t come because they are no longer here.

The holidays intensify emotions. If you are sad, tense, angry, depressed or lonely, reach out to someone. Choose the right person or people and you can move through these feelings; they may not instantly go away, but they shift.

Any deadline or tension tightens the vice when you let it. Tell yourself that everything unfolds just as it needs to and that you are in as much control as anyone on the planet.

In other words, no one is in as much control as they think they are. The need to be in control negates trust in the process. It’s a conundrum— a life balance. It starts with putting yourself in situations where you trust those around you!

We can’t always know who else is in the room, on the plane or in the store, but we can work on attracting situations and people that mirror our point of view. Of course one should do their best, take responsibility and follow through.

Humor and an openness for Spirit lifts the heaviness, when we allow it. Sometimes the lift is only a little bit because the load is great, but it helps.

The Scorpio Moon can yield a doorway for transformation when one loosens their grip.

On the other hand, it can also indicate that anyone who has a gripe may voice it at random. Every Christmas season reveals a Scrooge; let yours be on the screen or in a book.

Cozy up to those who matter; deepen into the relationships that matter most to you.