joggerForecast 6/22

The Virgo Moon signals that a “to do” list helps make it happen.

Knock any fuzziness out of your gaze. A crisp image of what you want to achieve brings realization.

Be realistic in your goals; make the list achievable for the next couple of days, then stick to it.

Power grows each time you cross off an accomplishment, whether it’s having completed your daily exercise, walked the dog or made a pitch.

A Jupiter/Uranus picture in the morning may shake things up with a sudden revelation or invitation. This can be exciting if you celebrate spontaneity or push the envelope if pre-planning is your mainstay.

If you feel pushed out of your comfort zone, but desire the outcome, then push through. If you’r not certain about the offer and feel overtaxed, then pull back and reflect.

Strength in conviction comes later in the day, when you’ll either run to catch up or stand still with certainty.

This is a good night to eat wholesome foods and enjoy exercise, gardening or home chores. A long walk with or without your favorite 4-legged companion is another way to feed your soul.