beach_phoneForecast 8/11

The Cancer Moon sets up another day of focused production.

People may feel highly sensitive and want to be at home or with family more than at work. The more comfortable the work environment is, the more productive.

Comfort doesn’t have to be cozy chairs, but ease around fellow employees and the environment. If you encounter emotional “land mines” in the morning, recognize this as an opportunity, even though it initially may not feel that way.

Power plays or an unsettling revelation encourage you to gain the emotional high ground. This is the ticket to move through any turmoil with Grace.
It is important to recognize whatever may come up for you may be old as well as New Business. It is equally important not to feel bogged down or swallowed up by the Past.

Burn through old stories and recycle into new strengths.

Sometimes the situation can be deceptive. you may think this is new business, but how you respond to it has everything to do with if it feels familiar in a way that triggers automatic responses.

The planet Jupiter moves into the sign of Virgo at 7:11 AM ET. For full forecast on how this may affect you, go to this link… all signs are covered in the Jupiter posts.

3bears sure you have a good solid meal this evening. Tempers can be especially volatile.

The antidote is to stay flexible and keep alert because not everyone will.

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