2016 was a 9 year. A 9 year is about endings, atrophy, closing the book and moving on. But before we are able to step forward, we often have to go back — because we’ve not yet finished with the anger, grief, reticence, complacency or ennui.

Sometimes, you really have to rub your nose in it before you decide you’re done.

2016 was a bruiser of a 9 year; we’ve experienced the losses of celebrity lights that provided brilliance, hope and connection. The losses feel personal because of how deeply many of these artists touched us.

2016 also raked through the dark underbelly of the unresolved and often not articulated divisions in the USA. Divisions caused by different perceptions of race, gender, education and economics. Divisions that have been deep since the Civil War. These divisions drill down to states’ rights and sovereignty as opposed to federal mandates.

The death of Antonin Scalia highlighted the dysfunctional, bloated government that is so far removed from an effective collaboration that the scales have tipped to extreme change.

2016 may be the 9 year that poised the USA for its inevitable restructuring of government, something that does happen once an “empire” has had a run of about 240 years or so (approaching its Pluto return).

Carrie Fisher brought a lot of awareness to mental illness, as had Patty Duke who also died earlier in the year. Both women bravely dealt with their illnesses in a public way.

Gene Wilder, Bowie and Prince… the heart grows with love for what these people gave and with sadness for their loved ones left without them.

And for each one of you who suffered losses in 2016, I send love, light and blessings. I lost two friends with sudden and short warnings.

2017 is a 1 year. A basic premise of Numerology is to work in 9 year cycles. Within those 9 year cycles, each individual has a personal journey.

In other words, 2016 was the Universal 9 year but you might have had a personal year that was a 1. So as a 1 you would be working on fresh starts, but within the energetic frame of a year of endings.

Welcome in the 1 year of New Beginnings. I will write more about this in the coming week, for now I send you very happy wishes.

The Aquarius Moon on this New Year’s Eve encourages community.

Connect with those who share your vision for a tomorrow filled with Love and support for humanity. Banish anger, hatred, divisiveness or ill wishes.

We say goodbye to 2016, the 9 year of too many endings to recall.

Gather strength in the numbers of people who share your point of view of inherent goodness. Wishing you a lovely and powerful New Year’s Eve with wishes of prosperity and love in 2017.