lauper_mirrorForecast 9/9

The Leo Moon heralds fun, glamour and creative expression. This may ramp up the drama quota, but the key is to have fun with it rather than find oneself in an opera with no way out.

A Mercury/Pluto picture in mid-afternoon signals the importance of careful communication. This does not mean to avoid conversations that lead you to mergers or revelations, but it does require endurance and a willingness to rake through any discomfort.

The Leo Moon suggests all work and no play creates dissatisfaction, so if a deadline looms with no fun to be had, be sure you do something silly or to uplift. Some jokes or levity, time with a child or a quick call/text to a beloved makes all the difference.

Be sure to look on yourself with love and affection. Although it may seem frivolous, make eye contact with yourself in the mirror. Say “I love you” until you mean it.

This may be easy, or it may piss you off or feel ridiculous. Whatever your reaction, do it until you mean it.

If this takes longer than a few minutes, then do it again later. Practice gets you there. Tears, smiles, shaking your head, it’s all good as long as you find your way to sincerity.

Enjoy an evening of play, high spirits or productivity.

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