Great American Eclipse 2017 Astrology: it’s not over yet!

The eclipse that occurs August 21 2017 is part of a Saros Cycle – an eclipse that occurs every 18 years, 11 days, 8 hours – in roughly the same sign and same degree. A Saros eclipse moves over time from one Pole to the other and lasts 12-13 centuries.

The Great American Eclipse 2017 is actually the 22nd eclipse in its particular Saros Cycle which began in 1639. It is worth noting that in 1639, colonization of the northeast part of North America by Europeans was only 3 decades new. Saros eclipses begin at partial and grow to total over time – the first total for this eclipse series was in 1927 when Stalin was installed in the Soviet Union and carving began at Mount Rushmore.

Why do I think these two seemingly disparate occurrences are relevant to this eclipse? Very hard lines were drawn in the Eastern Block as to what behavior was acceptable to the Communist ideal. At the same time, the USA overlooked a treaty for the Black Hills to keep Lakota sacred site in perpetuity. Mount Rushmore is carved in the Black Hills.

From Earth’s perspective, eclipses upset the natural order. Yet eclipses are trackable — even long before telescopes. Eclipses occur at least 4 times a year. We don’t always realize this because they may not be seen where we live. Eclipses remind us that chaos is part of the natural order.

Eclipses reveal and provide a flash of insight; how personal this is for you depends on if the degree of the eclipse (in the case of the Great American Eclipse 28°Leo 53″). Where does it fall in your personal horoscope and does it “hit” any planets or points?

Eclipses reveal over time more and more of what triggered at the time of light. When the Moon (representative of the Soul’s journey) and the Sun (symbolic of self-expression) are merged from Earth’s perspective, we are poised for a leap of evolutionary consciousness, should we take it. This does not come without resistance to change.

Do not think it all ends after 2:30 PM ET when the eclipse is exact. This continues to have resonance for a few days (as it has before). Then the sensitivity of the trigger points unfold in the months to come. For example, in July 1945 when the eclipse occurred it set up the energy that would unfold in August when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were devastated.

18 years and change in July 1963, that eclipse precipitated the NAACP sit-ins and MLK’s “I have a dream” speech. In the fall, four girls were killed at the Baptist church bombing and Kennedy was assassinated.

In 1981, this same eclipse occurred just after the Royal Wedding of Diana and Charles brought millions of people together as they watched it on television. It also happened just before Reagonomics pushed through Kemp-Roth which radically changed the tax structure that had taxed the wealthy.

In 1999 Putin became the Prime Minister of Russia at the time of the August eclipse. This particular eclipse cycle seems to occur during pivotal events.

These eclipses do not follow the same exact path, so never before has the eclipse cut from OR to SC. To a symbolist like myself, this happens at this time for a reason. As we consider the emotional climate of the USA at this time, even someone who doesn’t spend their life analyzing symbols can be struck by this.

Eclipses come in pairs; a solar eclipse ALWAYS has a lunar eclipse either before or after. In this case, the Lunar Eclipse occurred on August 7, 2017 at 15° Aquarius 24″. No one in the USA saw it because it happened in daytime. But the symbolic effect of an eclipse happens whether you see it or not.

Since many astrologers love to troll history (because our research helps us understand where we are and where we are going), I have studied the horoscope of the Confederacy. This intrigues me because the Confederacy was never formally abolished.

General Lee surrendered of course and Reconstruction began, but a formal dissolution to the agreement of the Confederacy never happened.

Anyone who has owned a business or entered a marriage knows that the formal declaration of its ending is a completion.

When a business, marriage or government contract is formed it creates an energetic entity. I have written about the need for the US to make atonement and formal resolution for its two great grievances to its people. One is to the First Nations and the other is to slavery.

We still have to do this. Either that, or we continue with our fractured nation, which is not a course for growth and renewal.

The August 7, 2017 Lunar Eclipse occurred EXACTLY on the Sun of the Confederacy chart. The Full Moon offers opportunity for integration. The USA needs to initiate conversations to integrate the needs of all its people; it can’t simply legislate or police them.

Unfortunately, there are leaders who see that their power is totally dependent on the divide and conquer frame of rulership. A people divided can always be defeated. Listen to the words of leaders and see who works to unite.

It makes perfect sense from a symbolic context, that people who felt the purpose of the Confederacy was short-changed would be emboldened to express their passions during this eclipse season.

The Confederacy horoscope has a North Node/ Venus conjunction in Capricorn. Pluto has traveled in Capricorn since 2008. Pluto symbolizes irrevocable transformation; life will never be the same. Pluto reaches the degree of this conjunction before it makes its return to its degree on the USA horoscope. A Pluto return indicates a phoenix experience for a country or business.

Since the Aquarius Moon of the USA horoscope is close to degree of the Confederacy Chiron, this is a wound that may never heal. Yet it is possible to prevent repetition by recognizing the poison.

The answers here are through dialogue. We will witness more clashes as the summer unfolds into autumn and beyond. A forum for unity can’t be created until there is a deep understanding of the depth of the Shadow.

The Great American Eclipse 2017 occurs exactly on the Rising Sign/Ascendant of President Donald Trump. The Ascendant is the persona — how he appears to the world.

Trump was born with Mars rising (hence his assertive/aggressive stance) with the fixed star Regulus. Regulus is the heart of the lion and people with strong aspects to it enjoy a royal treatment. There is one caveat; the eventual downfall of Regulus natives occurs if they practice revenge.

We shall see what the eclipse reveals now and over time.

If you have questions about where the eclipse falls in your horoscope, post your birth information, date, place and time and I will respond as I can.