The eclipse that occurs April 8, 2024 is part of a Saros Cycle – an eclipse that occurs every 18 years, 11 days, 8 hours – in roughly the same sign and same degree. A Saros eclipse moves over time from one Pole to the other and lasts 12-13 centuries.

This particular Saros Cycle began in 1501. It is worth noting that Amerigo Vespucci “discovered” Brazil that year. His name stamped the Americas. The eclipse of 2017 was also dubbed The Great American Eclipse but only occurred through the US. The 2024 Great American Eclipse crosses Mexico and stretches up into Canada.

Eclipses do not follow the same exact path. To a symbolist like myself, it crosses NA for a reason. As we consider the emotional climate of the USA at this time, even someone who doesn’t spend their life analyzing symbols can be struck by this. We have seen deepening divides in the US escalate since 2017. This is what I’d written about the 2017 eclipse which is interesting to read in hindsight.

The 2024 eclipse pulls Mexico and Canada into the story. Here in Mexico, the April election will most likely vote in a woman president. My Mexican amigas are pumped.

It is curious that Carbondale, IL is the center of both the 2017 and 2024 eclipse. I can’t help but wonder what may happen there? When watching the NASA feed, it did have the most dramatic flare.

From Earth’s perspective, eclipses upset the natural order. Yet eclipses are trackable — even long before telescopes. Eclipses occur at least 4 times a year. The internet has increased awareness of when they occur and the Total Eclipses have jazzed many people to chase them. 

Eclipses remind us that chaos is part of the natural order.

Eclipses reveal and provide a flash of insight; how personal this is for you depends on if the degree of the eclipse (in the case of this Great American Eclipse 19° Aries 24”). Where does it fall in your personal horoscope and does it “hit” any planets or points?

Eclipses reveal over time more and more of what triggered at the time of totality. When the Moon (representative of the Soul’s journey) and the Sun (symbolic of self-expression) are merged from Earth’s perspective, we are poised for a leap of evolutionary consciousness, should we take it. This does not come without resistance to change.

Do not think it all ends after 2:21 PM ET when the eclipse is exact. This continues to have resonance for a few days (as it has before the event). Then the sensitivity of the trigger points unfold in the months to come. 

Saros eclipses begin at partial and grow to total over time – the first total for this eclipse series was in 1843. Of note: “Ka Lahui” Hawaiian Independence Day began as The Kingdom of Hawaii was recognized as an independent nation by the United Kingdom and France. The steamship SS Great Britain launched as the largest ocean-going craft in the world. In 1843 it snowed in NY in June. African-Americans participated for the first time in a national US political convention. Settling in Oregon reached fever-pitch. Fabulous operas were performed for the first time: Wagner, Donizetti and Verdi. “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens is published, 6,000 copies sold.

The 1970 total eclipse of this series was over the eastern US. This was the first year of Earth Day which led to more environmental support in Congress. In contrast, the Boeing 747 was launched which revolutionized air travel, one of our biggest environmental offenders. Pelé brought Brazil the World Cup and increased the popularity of fútbol (soccer) throughout the world. Inventiveness, creativity and inspiration are themes of this Saros cycle.

Eclipses come in pairs; a solar eclipse ALWAYS has a lunar eclipse either before or after. In this case, the Lunar Eclipse occurred on March 25, 2024 at 5° Libra 7”. The symbolic effect of an eclipse happens whether you see it or not.

This particular eclipse has so many people rushing to a physical place throughout NA to see it, and I wish you good weather. My sister lives in Vermont right under the path. She told me 300 private jets secured the rights to fly into Burlington VT! She will go out on the deck with her safety glasses and observe it while my brother-in-law stays inside with the grandbabies (too young to trust to keep their glasses on). Since he’s recovering from an eye operation, he’s not going to be looking at it either. For those of us who don’t see it, NASA has great footage!

Wherever you are, whatever you do, please pay attention to what the scientists and sages advise with being careful if you look at it.

But from my perspective, regardless of when it’s total or not, this eclipse is part of a cycle that’s been going on for quite some time. To quote Bernadette Brady, an excellent eclipse astrologer, the theme of this particular Saros cycle: “Intuitive leaps, insights, good ideas, visions, or vivid dreams. The newfound inspiration will pull the person away from his or her social life or relationship, thereby causing strain in the private life. This is a time when the person needs to be free.”

The last time this one occurred was 2006, anything of specific interest happening for you then? Of course, in 2006 the planets were in a different configuration, so we have a different energy thrust at this point in time. Monday the 8th, is actually a good day astrologically. It has a lot of juice about it that really supports communication. However, with Mercury retrograde, it behooves us to pay attention! Do the double work of being careful and clear about whatever’s going on whether eclipse related or not.

Anything you have that’s 19 degrees on your horoscope or within range can be activated by this eclipse. So what does that mean? It means that that is the piece of your psyche that will be particularly triggered up by this eclipse. It can be very subtle – or it can be intense.

For example‚ perhaps your moon is in the sign of Aries at 19 degrees, or Capricorn or Cancer or Libra. Those are very specific configurations. Cardinal signs are jazzed by this eclipse. You’ll feel emotional in a reactive way. You might decide, not necessarily that day, that it might be time to move or shift in a certain relationship. The moon especially reminds us of what feels like home to us.

With the eclipse, it’s as though suddenly a light goes on in a room and it’s all lit up and then the light goes out again. We have this flash of seeing something and it can happen on the day of eclipse, a little around it, but it’s a flash of insight to provide a way to that we are invited to move. Eclipses have reverberation energy.

With a new moon eclipse, a solar eclipse, we don’t necessarily want to start something new on that day – but life happens! When something is birthed on a new moon eclipse, it has catalyst energy throughout the lifetime of whatever that thing is: person, business, contractual arrangement.

What are we bringing in and what do we not want to hold or keep close any longer? Anyone who’s actually given physical birth knows that you have to be willing to allow that baby to be born, to enter the world: the unpredictable world that there’s only so much a parent can protect.

When we birth this nascent idea — so small perhaps, fragile or maybe something we’ve worked on a long time… now it can get visible, be heard. What’s really important on the day of the eclipse is prayer, intention, to be crystal clear of what we bring in; this is not only for your good and well-being, for everyone it touches.

We can expand the energy in a prayerful, thoughtful, intentional way and spread possibilities of rebirth, loving more, creating more, sharing more — Aries is the sign of the warrior. I invite you to be a warrior of possibilities that benefit the planet, human beings, and spread love.

If you have questions about where the eclipse falls in your horoscope, post your birth information, date, place and time and I will respond as I can.

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