2/2/2010 Ground Hog Day/Candlemas/Imbolc: You may wake a little fuzzy today. When void-of-course, a Virgo Moon can feel as though the details keep slipping away. Things don’t take shape the way you would like. Fortunately, this is brief and at 8:42 am ET Moon enters Libra and people seem to smile more.

This can be a highly productive day, with excellent networking. Be aware that a “spoiler” can come in the form of someone who tries to manipulate or overpower the balance. You don’t have to make this ruin the negotiations, unless of course you’re the one with the hidden agenda. In which case, you may re-think your strategy, especially later in the day.

I don’t usually predict this, but my guess is the groundhog will see his shadow and retreat (it’s a predication I’d be happy to be wrong about!)

Groundhog Day: Murray/Punxsutawney Phil