Groundhog Day and Astrology—

Maybe you’ve never seen the Bill Murray classic, Groundhog Day. This date corresponds with ancient earth-based sacred celebrations. The Celts practiced Imbolc, to honor the goddess Brigid and the end of winter. This is a day of purification, fire and a recognition of the lengthening days.

I’m not sure how the groundhog got involved, but when I look at today’s energy, there is certainly a lot of starts and stops, especially in the morning.

Don’t let it throw you, because dogged determination and careful application gets you where you want to be. Avoid any frenzy or attempt to get something off the ground in the afternoon; if it didn’t happen in the morning, then take your time.

Many people have a sense of action these days. The political landscape encourages calls to action. Even if it seems like your efforts aren’t going anywhere, they have impact when you time it right. This morning, yes do it – this afternoon, slow it down.

This winter will end. Difficult situations do end.

Rent Groundhog Day to see how to create the change. It is a reminder that true change in life always starts with you.