May this be a day of celebration for you.

Celebrations can be small. Not everyone is feeling celebratory at present, but life can offer moments.

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like there is anything to appreciate. When this happens, you may have to be proactive to experience more light.

The artist Leonard Cohen died on 11/7/16 — with younger people, he may be best known for his song Hallelujah.

Cohen was 82 when he died and as a young man he was known for his profound and haunting lyrics which many other artists adopted. When Cohen was in his 70s, he discovered that the majority of his estate had been embezzled. After years of retirement from performing, he hit the tour circuit— this is him at 75 in London.

He seems to be having a really good time, and the audience certainly did.

What is there to savor and appreciate today? Even if the floor has seemed to collapse beneath you, give yourself a reassurance that there is more out there.

Nature works for many, a museum perhaps or tea with a friend. Ask for hugs…. and listen to Hallelujah.

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