What to Expect Over the Next 6 Months & Ways to Handle Change with Grace

A friend suggested I supply a forecast that helps people cope with the tumultuous time that we are in… so here’s my umbrella for the next several months —

  1. Review Where to Create Change
  • With Mercury Retrograde (the communicator) through May 3, go over branding, messages and contracts. This is a perfect time to align your outer message with your core essence. Make sure what’s outside vibrates harmoniously with you. Once direct, the opportunity for this continues through May 20, especially for strong communicators, Geminis and Virgos.
  • Watch continued mistakes made by people in the news who ignore the reminder that Mercury Retrograde offers us – review, edit and reflect.
  1. What Do You Value?
  • Venus has been Retrograde since March 4. Venus represents Love, Beauty and Money. With Jupiter also Retrograde at this time, you may notice a resistance to invest, speculate or impulse purchase. Venus goes Direct on April 15, after which time the purse strings open slightly.
  • Expect greater movement in mid-May and especially June 9 when Jupiter goes Direct. Jupiter is all about expansion, which can be fortuitous but requires checks and balances. Those who use the retrograde period to weigh their values against gains reap the benefits.
  1. The Past is Gone Forever
  • In government, corporate, educational and financial environments the evolutionary transformations represented by the slow-moving planets of Uranus and Pluto have been deeply unsettling for many people — especially the ones in power. At the peak of this planetary picture in 2010, the Dalai Lama said he was a feminist and that Western women would save the world.
  • The August eclipses suggest huge shifts and triggers. Regardless of what you think of President Trump, he undergoes tremendous energetic stress at that time. This summer into autumn determines how difficult our nation’s transitions will be. Do not succumb to the seduction of powerlessness. Each of us has a role in this pending revolution, which stems from spiritual evolution.
  • Embrace Change. Be a Love Activist. Marry a cause or shift that you want to promote and nurture it however you can, with love, money and/or sweat equity. Be willing to let it morph into the fabulous potential of truly cooperative and sustainable existence. Meditate daily. Breathe in Love and Breathe out Peace.
  1. Join Community!
  • Find people who support your inner truth. Show up either physically or on-line. This is the threshold of the true Age of Aquarius, which promotes cooperation and sharing.
  • Find me on www.StokeTheFire.guru where every week I offer a targeted weekly forecast and my colleague, Master Healer Suzy Meszoly provides a guided meditation. This helps you to maximize the week’s potential. You can listen for FREE on our BlogTalkRadio show or have the encapsulated material sent to your mailbox as a subscriber.
  1. You Are the Gatekeeper of Your Psyche
  • Unless your business is the news, take daily (or longer) breaks from its toxicity. Realize that you are getting pulled into a reality other than the one you create. When you allow yourself a break, go into nature, experience art or a physical release. Meditate! Regular mental hygiene keeps you clear.
  • Banish fear consciously. Experience and release. Re-integrate the fear trigger as a catalyst for action. If this is hard to do by yourself, remember, we all need step 4!
  1. Express Gratitude
  • There is so much to be grateful for every day – in nature, your home, loved ones and every mundane treasure usually overlooked. When we start to look at what we have to be grateful for, troubles pale and resolve deepens. Give thanks and smile.