What to Harvest with October’s Full Moon?

The Harvest Moon is the Full Moon closest to the Autumn Equinox. In 2017 it falls on October 5 at 2:40 PM ET.

The Aries Moon stirs a sense of “my way” and fast action. Whether or not this is your way of being, the fire of self-expression is stoked.

But this Full Moon is lit by the Libra Sun which encourages dialogue and a lean towards the other’s point-of–view. These signs are polar opposites, but what they share is a spark of initiation. So this Full Moon allows an integration of individual needs within the boundaries of relationship.

At the time of the Full Moon in Washington DC, Pluto is rising and forms 90° angles with both the Sun and the Moon. This indicates a challenging Harvest Season for the USA.

Since the higher government is not something most of my readers have any dealings with, I suggest you harvest your own light with this Full Moon.

For example, what is something you really need at the present time to allow you to feel vital? Have you been procrastinating on exercise, diet or better attention to your health? Now is the time to raise your energy levels.

If you want to take action on a move, new project or desire, what can you do to put it in motion? If it’s still premature, what can you do to at least acknowledge its importance?

With Venus and Mars in Virgo, there is an emphasis on service. You may be motivated to join a movement, spiritual practice or cause. There is tremendous power available for those who step up at this time.

We live in times of huge transition and toxic alienation. We can only create fabulous change when we work in collaboration with open-minds.

Your presence under the Full Moon is a unique light, a perfect design. May you feel the curiosity of a  child and receive the love you deserve.

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