beatles_sgtForecast 6/29

I apologize for the delay in my last couple of posts; a very Mercury retrograde occurrence. I had edited something on the “feed” ability of my blog and forgot to start it again. Thanks to the readers who reached out and asked me where I was.. all is well, just another example on how going over things is to our benefit when Mercury is retrograde.

Today, pre-dawn brings two sky pictures involving the planet Neptune, charging dreams and fantastic musings. Although seemingly inspirational at the time, the end result could be confusion or a difficulty in pulling back the pieces that seemed to fit in the logic of a trance.

The planet Neptune symbolizes the imagination, the unconscious and the other world; an early morning meditation may not clear all the veils, but it will renew a sense of well-being and clarity of purpose.

The Moon enters Leo at 4:43 a.m. ET. This may increase the desire to act in some way towards your passion.

Play, tell stories, enjoy theatre or some drama in your own environment. There might be a mishap in the evening, especially if someone is not in line with their spiritual center. Be aware that alcohol or drugs my have an amplified effect. Pay attention to what those around you are experiencing.

There is also a high level of pure romance and good will. This is a fabulous night for a party with glamour and excitement. Put yourself somewhere festive and enjoy the fun.

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