IMG_1734Forecast 6/8

The Pisces Moon comes in at 4:16 a.m. ET.

This always indicates support is available for creativity and spiritual exploration. On the other hand, those with a tendency or wish to escape may feel the tug for ways to “check out”.

If you want to party and kick back, then enjoy, but if it’s a cul de sac for you, then do what’s necessary to keep yourself on the sober path.

Conversation and clarity may not be as it should be midday, but if you take time to work through the concept, resolution is possible. Ultimately, both parties may not get what they want, but it is essential that you define what cannot be compromised.

A Sun/Jupiter picture in the late afternoon bodes well for opportunities and good fortune, especially for those with air and fire signs prominent in their horoscope.

This evening surround yourself with loving company and find a window for angelic guidance. Invite love and be open to messages that support you.

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