High Tide Emotions

As the Moon approaches its fullness, tides swell and moods swing. In spite of the fact that many ER staff notice an increase in activity when the moon is full, science has traditionally debunked the effect of the moon on moods.

This is changing as more scientists clock animal behavior and tidal phenomenon (like the devastation of Hurricane Sandy which occurred at a Full Moon).

A link to verifying a lunar episode and science…

Notice the mood meter of people around you today. If you experience any overwhelm, either in yourself or from people around you, calm down. Take a breath, step away from the situation. If you can’t immediately detach, work on clear dialogue.

Power plays can restrict and limit true communication. It may seem difficult/ impossible to make a choice, but if you resist than the choice may be made for you.

A tidal wave of emotions can knock anyone off course. What is important is to hold on to the core goal. Everything else really doesn’t matter.

Get to the essence and hold fast.