Holy Days Coalesce

This year Christmas and Hanukkah share dates beginning Christmas Eve.

Hanukkah is determined by the lunar calendar (there are 13 lunar months in a year) so its date is not firm — it fluctuates based on the phases of the moon.

Dates can be consistent year to year when determined on a solar calendar (like the standard one we use — the Gregorian calendar from the 16th century). The fact that two sacred days of the Jewish and Christian faiths dovetail this divisive year of 2016 seem to encourage like values.

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, this year brings a profound desire for deep connections. Volunteer efforts not only help those who benefit, but those who give.

Community groups sustain and support all involved; choose one that is well-organized. Conversations plumb depths that can be uncomfortable or seductive.

If someone experiences mourning or loss, be sensitive to this. Listen more than you speak.

Music soothes and fills spaces that words fail.

When the Moon is in Scorpio, we tend to feel joy, slights and passion more intensely. If you or someone in your life seems to struggle, ask for or offer a hand.

For those who open presents early, there might be a surprise rabbit out of the hat. Absolutely delicious evening for those who are where and with whom they want to be. Savor your life.