Jupiter_retrogradeThe following gives a possible idea of how Jupiter in Virgo might affect you. Look to your Sun Sign (the sign under which you were born) and your Rising Sign/ Ascendant if you know it.


LEO: A good money year. Investments may pay off, but it’s a bit mysterious as to why some do well. You benefit from a solid work routine, because industry produces rewards at this time. Romance may feel a bit flat or there is no time for it. It is possible that a loved one requires your help during a health situation; if so, you’ll want to structure your time well. A strong interest in the mystical may increase; studies like meditation, hypnosis, astrology, tarot, life after death and energy healing.

VIRGO: This is not the time to shrink back from up front; the better prepared you are to step forward, the wider the leap. Creative ventures with the right partner can take off, if you have a solid infrastructure. Someone close to you may have tremendous needs so careful balance of your time is essential. You may decide you want a new look, but get one that enables you to move through your day with greater ease. A low-maintenance hairstyle, smart shoes and a wardrobe that creates several looks with a few pieces gives you more time. You may travel, have lots of demands in the outer world which can mean that you are stretched thin at home. It is advisable to watch what you eat because constant movement can lead to unconscious eating.

LIBRA: There is “an angel at your shoulder” and you do well to ask for help. This can be a direct request when appropriate, but you might also turn a problem over to the heavens. This is especially useful when you feel that your options for an appeal are limited. A meditation and prayer practice cannot be overemphasized; if you do not have one, this is the year to commit. A great method is to put aside the same time every day, to sit, breathe and observe. You might set up an altar for this purpose or find a quiet corner or place in nature to be. If you show up for spiritual refreshment, it will in time find you.

SCORPIO: Opportunity and luck comes through friends and networking. You may reach out to a wider group to explore a creative thought. This may happen to an artist who needs to find collaborative partners. A parent may seek a community to better understand an issue that a child encounters. An unrequited love or broken heart stretches to a group to know more about something that the beloved shared, like a form of music, a martial art or the Occupy Love movement. A change in routine breathes new life. If you feel fearful or economically challenged, get out of the house and find your tribe.


©Cucinell 2015