Jupiter_retrogradeThe position of the planet Jupiter when you were born indicates where you see hope, optimism, opportunity, luck and potential. The Romans dubbed the planet Jupiter after the great sky god, called Zeus by the Greeks: the king of the gods.

Jupiter was the god of justice, wealth and good fortune. Synchronistically, planet Jupiter’s gravitational belt protects Earth from continual asteroid damage. Since Jupiter’s magnetic pull sucks up astroids and debris, most of us are unaware of how often Earth escapes harm.

Jupiter’s present orbit in relation to your natal horoscope symbolizes how good fortune may come to you. Jupiter enters the sign of Virgo on August 11, 2015. Its entire trip through Virgo ends on September 9, 2016. When in direct motion, Jupiter encourages exploration and to widen knowledge in the area of life triggered by the sign and the “house” it travels through in your horoscope.

When Jupiter is retrograde (from 1/8/2016- 5/9/2016) you may need reflection with the lessons, study or experience a delay in the “luck”. This is the time to get your inner resources together. Then you can make the most of opportunities when Jupiter is once more in direct motion, next spring into summer.

This year because of the orbits of Saturn (symbolizing limits) and Neptune (the unconscious, infinite), Jupiter’s journey may stimulate a deep need for creativity and spiritual outreach. This may conflict with responsibilities or force you to confront fears. This may happen when someone decides to go back to school, yet has to juggle the existing routine of family, work, finances and community. Another example might be a couple whose idea of the perfect wedding hits an impasse because of restrictions due to religion, the physical limitations of elder guests or time constraints.

Tremendous support can be supplied by October, when Jupiter in Virgo creates a geometric picture with Pluto, also in an earth sign, Capricorn. At this time, if you know what is due for an overhaul, the way opens for transformation. Even if is not something you feel ready to do, you may observe that structural changes happen regardless. Jupiter in Virgo coupled with Pluto in Capricorn can provide the message that wisdom comes through “surrender” which is not the same as “to give up”.

Jupiter was last in Virgo from late August 2003 through 2004. Since the planets move at different rates of speed, the pictures that were made in the sky then were not the same as now. Reflect back on opportunities presented to you at that time and you may recognize a contemporary thread. The most graphic representation of this is to watch a child born 12 years ago, about to step into the wider world. As a child turns 12, you can may see him/her reach towards potential (even when middle school is uncomfortable and puberty rattles).

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