Jupiter_retrogradeThe following gives a possible idea of how Jupiter in Virgo might affect you. Look to your Sun Sign (the sign under which you were born) and your Rising Sign/ Ascendant if you know it.



SAGITTARIUS: Career opportunities present themselves and you may find the demands compromise time at home. You may decide on a new course; tighten your belt and hunker down with a goal. This can lead to a total change of direction as you are able to embark on a new path. The dream may require narrow focus and limits on your time. Nonetheless, this stimulates creativity. With the new responsibilities come a sense of self-determination. Go for the option that allows you the greatest potential.

CAPRICORN: You may want to go back to school or learn something new. Religion, justice and the bigger world may be topics for consideration. Travel may be top on your “to do” list; leaving your day-to-day community satisfies the urge to learn. Your tastes may lean towards global music. An issue with a sibling may be hard to define or understand; spend time with your brother or sister if you sense something is unsaid. Communication requires careful listening and the courage to ask concerned questions. A lawsuit or legal issue bodes well for resolution. A neighbor’s situation may require your attention; things may not be what they seem.

AQUARIUS: An inheritance, nice tax refund or windfall may come your way; this may not be monetary but involve other valuable resources. You may lose someone close to you, but the death is timely and not unexpected. Do not underestimate the power of your unconscious; it is essential to confront old demons or complexes that may pull you down from meeting your goals. The temptation for a clandestine love affair may present itself; consider the consequences carefully. On the other hand, the birth of a child may create new demands on your time and unearth dormant parts of you. A deeper self-understanding may be revealed through therapy or metaphysical studies.

PISCES: A light has gone on over you and attention for romance increases. If you’re in a relationship, new horizons may be explored as your expectations for one another widen. You might travel together, learn something new like ballroom dancing or join a concert series. Or perhaps you decide to part amicably which opens up your options. If you’re not in a relationship, expect possibilities. You can meet new people through the music you love and spiritual community that calls to you. New business partnerships do well, so network for clients and potential collaborators.

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