Jupiter_retrogradeThe following gives a possible idea of how Jupiter in Virgo might affect you. Look to your Sun Sign (the sign under which you were born) and your Rising Sign/ Ascendant if you know it.

ARIES: Jupiter’s position for this time encourages healthy routines. Even though you may experience change and new situations, you benefit from certain clockwork systems. A new coworker or assistant may make the difference in how your day is organized. Rethink diet, exercise and how your desk is positioned at work. You can avoid spinning your wheels or any tendency to indulge in negative behavior, when you set up a schedule that allows you to have a sense of daily productivity. If the boredom factor is your Achilles Heel in exercise, mix it up. Take dance lessons that challenge you or find new paths to run. A new pet may enter the scene as well, so if you’re not in the market, avoid the ASPCA wagon at the farmer’s market.

TAURUS: This is a tremendously fertile year for creativity. Give yourself the opportunity to indulge in a passion; paint, take a theater class or join a choir. A love affair is possible and if you already are in a relationship, the desire to rekindle the flame increases. If you are of childbearing age, be aware that seeds may take root. This can be a good money year, from your own efforts. The clearer the picture of your dream or goal, the more likely chance of obtaining it. Your risk-tolerance may increase for a love affair, a ride in an amusement park or a more daring look.

GEMINI: You want to feel more options at home, so it may be time to redecorate or find a new place to live. Real estate may provide wealth or expand your resources; there may be a legacy due. Plumb your roots and find stories about ancestry. Buried treasure may await, if not in the form of capital, in another kind of riches. If your partner or spouse is not on board with your needs at home, this may be a testing time in the relationship. When you both build towards the same goal, it is possible to obtain wild dreams.

CANCER: It may be time to write that book, or it least sharpen your communication skills. A disclosure from a neighbor my change the whole landscape. You may receive a message about someone from the past. Relationships with siblings may improve and/or you may develop a more consistent routine of correspondence or getting together. New businesses may move into your community, especially ones that improve the area. If you’re in the market for a new car, this is the year to shop.



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