uranus square pluto_all_saints_dayForecast 3/16

We are before the last pass of the great Uranus/Pluto 90° picture in the sky, a configuration that will not return for decades.

The tension of these two archetypal forces- Uranus, known as the Great Awakener– the Sky God, from which all concepts sprang: the greatest of which was Love…. and Pluto, god of irrevocable Transformation, representative of what men most Fear and cannot avoid: Death.

We are on the threshold of unforeseen Change and we know that we must shapeshift or humankind cannot survive. The groaning forces of the status quo hang tightly to the Past while the whispers of tomorrow gather force and strength.

Welcome the future; do not be afraid of the evolution; you have been preparing for this since before birth. How to change? With a smile to the heavens. More about today’s forecast


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