©Cucinell 2015

©Cucinell 2015

Forecast 3/15

Pre-dawn may trigger friction and challenges: a dream, a conflict or simply a vague sense of trouble ahead. We are on the threshold of the last Uranus/Pluto square and it is not an accident that the Moon is in Capricorn at this time.

What exactly are you going to do to bring about world change?

This is not a facetious question, but one that gets to the heart of the importance of each life on the planet. We are all part of the huge shift that is presently occurring, no matter how unconscious we may be to that fact. The weight of this can make for an unsettled morning and tempers may be tense.

Instead of watching the news or feeding yourself a diet of strife, get outdoors and enjoy nature. If you live in a temperate climate, look for signs of spring. The tension of the earth against the winter elements starts to shift the season as life finds a way to reassert itself.

This natural process of waking up after the harsh winter presents a metaphor of how we can renew after certain systems break down or fall apart.

By mid-morning, any dark clouds can dissipate and your concentration granted to good work and productivity. If you are haunted by any depression it is important to divert yourself with a satisfying task.

Hands in motion provide a means for a job well done.

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