lilacForecast 5/17

We are still in the Dark of Moon period and if you didn’t read yesterday’s post, catch up because it still applies.

Tomorrow Mercury goes retrograde, so it becomes even more important to map out your New Moon goals. Here’s a post to maximize the benefits of Mercury Retrograde.

Since the moon is in Taurus, there is an added advantage in chewing over old material. You want to know all sides of a thing.

This is not a time to rush impetuously into a new adventure.

Study the path ahead and reflect on how you got here.

Enjoy the beauty of the day and the things that provide pleasure.

Eat your meals slowly. Savor every sip, especially water, the elixir of Life. Touch.

Too often we are not fully in the place where we take breath; your mind may be thinking of what happens next or solving a problem. Truly take in the moment, as many as possible.

If you’re near Rye, NY, join me for my New Moon Gathering, tonight at 7 pm

Exercise a New Moon ritual, however slender, before you go to sleep. You want to wake to a new day. Here’s a link for some New Moon ideas…