steps yonkersForecast 4/21

A Mercury/Jupiter picture just after midnight indicates that sleep may have eluded you late last evening.

However, a nagging sense of what needs to be accomplished or lack of resources is something to best sleep through, so put on a guided meditation if you have trouble dropping off.

Morning may be a bit confused; it’s necessary to cut through illusion or any feelings of helplessness.

Closer to midday, visibility increases and you gain a firmer sensation as to which step leads you where.

This is a dynamic afternoon for relationships, conversations about finances and mutual goals. A Mars/Pluto picture in the early evening symbolizes the ability to bring together powerful alliances and resolutions; don’t be timid!

Generosity and optimism is its own reward.

If you encounter an upset in the late evening, explore the root of it. Sometimes an adjustment or new prospective gives you even greater ability to move ahead.