snowboardingForecast 3/12 

The Sagittarius Moon brings a fast-paced day with opportunities and inspired ideas.

Some confusion may occur mid-morning; the ideal is to be somewhere you allow creative flow and spiritual refreshment. If this is not possible, that’s when confusion may kick in.

This is a temporary condition however, so ride through it with humor or take a meditation break and make the most of it.

Look for ways to expand your horizons, offers for travel, education and the other gifts that are out there. Don’t worry about the “how”, the means come to you in ways not related to logic and strategy.

Out-of-the-blue comes a brand new notion, but only if you’re willing to entertain it. You make your luck, so make it count.

If you’re in the Mount Kisco area, join me TONIGHT for Ladies Night Out at Le Collage on 3/12.

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