wet roadForecast 3/25

Today’s Gemini Moon promises continual streams of information; you decide what is enticing and fun and what is simply a distraction.

Midday may present a sense of imbalance; especially if it seems that someone is not respecting the gravity of a situation or is unable to meet the substance required. It is useful to read what is below the surface or at least acknowledge that something may be there.

Inspiration hits in the afternoon, with the possibility of opportunities or invitations to act. A Sun/Saturn picture shines on those willing to do the homework and step up to responsibility; don’t shy away from the work if it’s what you want to do, there is tremendous momentum to make it happen.

Be watchful in the evening to what is said and how. Fuses shorten and a tendency to say things without thinking may lead to unnecessary squabbles.

Consider carefully the delivery of your thought, which might mean to sleep on it.

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