©Cucinell 2015

©Cucinell 2015

Forecast 5/10

Priorities help allow flow; when so many things call to you, it’s best to have a social rather than a work-day.

Conversation flies midday and leads to delightful and insightful exchanges. It is possible to lose the initial thread of a conversation or forget to “watch the stove”.

If you have a responsibility, own it. To paraphrase: too many cooks this Mother’s Day spoil the shortcake.

Regardless of whether this is a holiday for you or a loved one, the mood quiets down in the later evening. It becomes easier to follow-through and catch inspired thought.

Depending on your birth horoscope, this may be an evening when the wheels continue to spin and winding down happens past midnight. Perfect time for meditation and a martial arts or yoga practice to help still an active mind.

Sometimes when ideas flood and excitement expands, you may hesitate the segue to rest.

Yet it is when the mind is still that we recognize the true spark. A dazzling array of options may cause you to miss the gold worth mining… for a time.

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